How to use the XRP Tip Bot

XRP Tip Bot (reddit: /u/xrptipbot, Twitter / Discord: #xrptip) is a bot that allows reddit and Twitter users to send Ripple XRP to each other through reddit comments or Tweets. To start tipping XRP, you have to deposit XRP to your XRPTipBot-account first.

Sending tips

Once you have XRP in your tipping account you can start tipping! To do this simply reply to a comment with a message of the format: +<amount> /u/xrptipbot (reddit) or +<amount> #xrptip (Twitter / Discord). When you send a tip to someone, your balance will decrease, while the tip balance of the reddit / Twitter / Discord user you tipped will increase (with the same amount, no transaction fee) 🎉

So: the only thing you have to do to send a tip is send a reaction / tweet 🎉

Use the format +<amount> /u/xrptipbot, eg. +3.6789 /u/xrptipbot (reddit) or +<amount> #xrptip, eg. +3.6789 #xrptip (Twitter / Discord) to send 3.6789 XRP to the user you reply to. There is a maximum of 5 XRP per tip.

Note on tipping at Twitter
At Twitter, a tip goes to the user you reply to. If your tweet is not a reply, the tip goes to the twitter user first mentioned in your tweet except if that's you yourself or #xrptip. So: a new tweet (not a reply) like Hi @johndoe! Here's +1 #xrptip will trigger a tip of 1 XRP from you to johndoe.
Multi-tipping is supported. You can read about it here and see it in action here.
Note on tipping at Discord
At Discord, a tip goes to the first user you mention. A message like Hi @johndoe! Here's +1 #xrptip will trigger a tip from you to johndoe.

Receiving tips

You do not need to deposit to your Tip Bot account to receive tips 😁   The Tip Bot will track tips for you, and you can use your received tips to tip others.

You can withdraw your Tip Bot balance to your own wallet anytime.

Please withdraw only to your own wallet. We don't encourage withdrawing to an exchange using a destination tag, since funds will be lost when the wrong destination tag is entered.

About the XRP Tip Bot

Why? And how does it work?

The XRP Tip Bot is created to enable reddit / Twitter users to send tips (small amounts of XRP) to other users. To show appreciation for helping / sharing information / etc. To do this, a user can simply reply to a post or comment with the right syntax, while mentioning /u/xrptipbot (reddit) or #xrptip (Twitter, Discord). The Tip Bot monitors mentions and processes the tip.

When the XRP Tip Bot is mentioned, it will check the balance of the user sending the tip. If the user sending the tip has enough XRP in his/her Tip Bot Balance, the typed amount is subtracted from his/her account, and added to the user replied to.

All the transactions (tips), deposits and withdrawals are stored in a database. The transactions are publicly available, you can view them anytime.

Who is behind the XRP Tip Bot?

The XRP Tip Bot (the reddit account /u/xrptipbot, Twitter/Discord account #xrptip and this website) are created and maintained by /u/pepperew (reddit), @WietseWind (Twitter); a software developer from The Netherlands with over 15 years of experience in the software development industry (and a great Ripple (company) & XRP (coin) enthusiast).

My deposit / withdrawal didn't work. What to do?

Wait a bit, and check the wallet and destination tag you sent your deposit / withdrawal to. If you really think something is wrong, contact /u/pepperew at reddit using a private message, or @WietseWind at Twitter. Please attach your transaction hash, the wallet address (from), the wallet address (to) and a detailed explanation.

Where is the XRP balance / Where are the tips?

When you deposit to the XRP Tip Bot, you send a small amount to the XRP wallet of the Tip Bot: rPEPPER7kfTD9w2To4CQk6UCfuHM9c6GDY. since all the transactions are publicly readable in the XRP ledger, everyone is able to check if deposits and withdrawals are processed.

All the tips are in the XRP Tip Bot database. The XRP Tip Bot maintains a list of the reddit / Twitter usernames & balance. Another table in the database contains all the mutations. Let's say user A sends a tip of 0.5 XRP to user B, then there will be a mutation of -0.5 XRP from the balance of user A, and +0.5 XRP to the balance of user B. These mutations are not available in the XRP ledger. On a deposit or withdrawal, the balance of the user is mutated accordingly and a transaction (mutation, publicly available) is read/broadcasted from/to the XRP ledger.


The XRP Tip Bot only knows the reddit / Twitter username and it's balance + mutations (tips, deposits, withdrawals). When you deposit, the database of the XRP Tip Bot will also store the sending XRP wallet address. When you withdraw, the database of the XRP Tip Bot will also store the XRP wallet address & destination tag the XRP is sent to.

The information stored in the XRP Tip Bot database is nothing more than (a combination of) information that is already publicly available. However: serious precautions are implemented to ensure the security of the XRP Tip Bot platform and its database.

To prevent loss of funds in case of a security breach, this website is not realtime connected to the part of the application connected to the XRP ledger.

What about KYC / AML / Jurisdiction?

The creator of the XRP Tip Bot is from The Netherlands. In The Netherlands, cryptocurrency is not recognized as money. This allows a resident of the Netherlands to maintain a crypto-wallet with funds of third parties.

No KYC checks will be performed, other than the requirement to sign in using a verified reddit / Twitter account. However: to prevent the XRP Tip Bot to be used for money laundering, a withdraw limit is set of an amount XRP equivalent to 1000 XRP per month per user. If your balance is over 1000 XRP, you can still send tips, you can still withdraw max. 1000 XRP a month. There is a maximum of 5 XRP per tip.

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